Bundeena-Maianbar Film Society

Spring Season, 2001 - Program

*** 28 July - Mr Hulot’s Holiday (86 min)

It's laugh-vacation time as Jacques Tati romps through the most gloriously mad lark ever to tickle the ribs of young and old alike! Monsieur Hulot goes on holiday to a seaside resort, but accidents and misunderstandings follow him wherever he goes. The peace and quiet of the hotel guests don't last very long with Hulot around, because although his intentions are good, they always turn out catastrophically. As well as playing the lead role, Jacques Tati is also Director. In developing Hulot’s character, Tati found inspiration in the silent comedies of Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Mack Sennett. Hulot is not so much a conventional comic character but a catalyst for revealing the routine nature of life. This version has a dubbed English soundtrack, but reports suggest that for the purist, it’s almost as good as the original French version.

*** 6 October - (two films)

Eternity (60 min)

For forty years a word appears written on a city street. It could have been any word in any city of the world, but this word is Eternity. Always the same, written in chalk in elegant copperplate script, appearing like frost overnight on the streets of Sydney. In 1956 the writer was discovered after 20 years of secrecy. He would continue to write this word until his death in 1967. Director Lawrence Johnston’s internationally award-winning documentary is an orchestration of beautiful black and white cinematography combined with haunting music. Biographical reconstruction succeeds in including the audience amongst those whose lives have been touched by Arthur Stace’s lonely and mysterious mission. Such was the significance of Eternity to Sydney that it adorned the Harbour Bridge during the Olympic Games.

Funny Things Happen Down Here (54 min)

Olivia Newton-John has been a star in recent years but what was she like at 17? Rated 8.9/10 by the International Movie Database, this endearing comedy portrays a group of country children trying to save their favourite haunt, an old woolshed, from destruction. They discover a formula that makes sheep grow coloured wool but have difficulty convincing adults of its effectiveness. Directed by Joe McCormick, the film is Olivia Newton-John’s screen debut.

*** 1 December - Kostas (93 min)

Directed by Paul Cox, this film tells the story of an affair between a Greek journalist (whose career in Greece was cut short for political reasons) (Takis Emmanuel) and a middle-class independent woman (Wendy Hughes). Working as a taxi driver he spots her at the airport and impulsively jumps the taxi queue so that he can drive her home. The emphasis is on the tensions arising from the racial, cultural and social differences that surface as their relationship develops. Paul Cox is a filmmaker of incredible energy, having directed 18 feature films over nearly 30 years. Cox’s vision is generally fulfilled with a comparatively small budget (less than $1 million), and deals with ordinary people going about their lives portrayed in a simple and real manner. Kostas fits this model well.


Screenings will be held at the School Hall, Scarborough Street, Bundeena on Saturday evenings commencing 7.30pm. Tea/coffee will be provided at the end of each program (or maybe in between the two films on 6 October).

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