Bundeena-Maianbar Film Society

Spring Season, 2001 - 6 October at 7.30pm

Bundeena Public School, Scarborough Street

Film previews by Meg Galvin


The Macquarie Dictionary defines eternity as “infinite time; duration without beginning or end, eternal existence”. Is this what was going through Arthur Stace’s mind when for forty years he chalked the word “eternity” every day on Sydney streets? Born in a Balmain slum in 1884, Stace was reared by alcoholic parents. He became a petty criminal, metho drinker and gambler until, in the 1930s, he found God. After hearing evangelist John Ridley shouting, “I wish I could shout eternity through the streets of Sydney”, Stace felt the urge to write the word “eternity”. Before this, he could hardly spell his name but the word “eternity” came out smoothly in beautiful copperplate script. It was a mystery to him how this happened. Following this experience, he would rise at 4am, pray for an hour then set out to write the word “eternity” in chalk on Sydney suburban footpaths. The Lord, he claimed, would give him directions the night before as to where to go. The incredible story of Arthur Stace is told in Lawrence Johnston’s documentary screening at the Bundeena Public School on October 6 at 7.30pm hosted by the Bundeena-Maianbar Film Society. Lawrence is an international award-winning writer and director. The beautiful music score, “Symphony Da Pacem Danine” is by Ross Edwards. The cast includes local Bundeena artist, George Gittoes.

Funny Things Happen Down Under

In contrast, the other half of the evening features “Funny Things Happen Down Under”, starring Olivia Newton-John. This was her film debut made in 1965 when she was 16 long before she became the international singing sensation that starred in films such as Grease. The movie is a comedy/musical about a group of children who will lose the woolshed they play in unless they come up with 200 pounds.


The Bundeena-Maianbar Film Society had it’s debut at the twin villages’ Art of Living Festival this year. It has won the support of local residents and plans to show at least 10 screenings annually. Membership is available at the door. Members and their guests are very welcome. For more information, contact David Gosden on 9544 4983.